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You took me around thirty countries, interviewing children. From Amazonian communities to Bedouins in Palestine, Roma people in Hungary, baby monks in Tibet and Japan... Two years I spent speaking the universal language of play. After that, you brought me to record modern slavery in the Dominican Republic. Then Piplantri, a town in Rajasthan where for every baby girl born, 111 trees are planted. Then London: a Bollywood film. Also docummercials in Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona. Always coming back to feminism in Argentina.


You still make me feel like a child playing. It is what guides my work: the desire to understand. And see how far you let me go. I get very involved. That's where the need to narrate comes from. All these years I've been training my eyes and ears to recognize where the tension lies in your story. I learned to ask “what do I need to know?” Emphasizing not the facts, but why is it that those matter to you. I learned to earn your trust through my vulnerability. I’ve been learning how to listen. 


Documentary filmmaking, you’ve been tremendously generous. Thank you. 

Please keep talking to me.

This is only the beginning.

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