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Feature Documentary

Argentina 2020

Client: Latam Airlines

Director: Sofía Nicolini Llosa
Writer: Sofía Nicolini Llosa

Production: Ignacio Trujillo

Direction of Photography: Sofía Nicolini Llosa

1AD: Julieta Maccarino

Human beings have a natural need to belong to a community. Many times, the price paid for belonging becomes too high if we censor who we are for fear of being excluded. This documentary brings together the voices of those who faced that dilemma: censoring ourselves to please and continue to belong or express ourselves as we are, running the risk of being excluded, but conquering freedom and new spaces of belonging.

The documentary is divided into four chapters (Lost, Search, Find and Belong)


BELONG The Art of Acceptance is a work that seeks to strengthen and shed light on stories that were silenced for a long time.

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